Concierge Chiropractic House Calls in

Birmingham, AL & Atlanta, GA


No waiting rooms, no traffic, no rearranging your schedule, and more time with the doctor are some of the benefits of house calls. 

Personalized Care

Get out of pain, achieve your goals, and improve functional movement in the comfort of your environment.



Help awaken the optimal potential of your body's healing capabilities through all things natural. Revive your life!

The House Call Experience

Do you feel like there is just not enough time in your day to check everything off of your "to do list"? Are you still pushing that appointment off to a later date because you're too busy? Do you suffer from the following: pain, headaches, stress, fatigue, the effects of poor posture or eating habits? 


Whether you start your day early at work or stay late in the evening, there is a solution to your problem. House calls takes one less thing off of your "to do list". We help busy professionals feel better in the comfort of their home or office. Click the book online tab above to schedule your free consultation.